The 8 Best WordPress Silo Plugins + A Complete Guide To WordPress Silo Architecture

article by Suneil Patel

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Siloing is all about organizing the content on the website. A well-organized site makes it easy for visitors to navigate on the website. They can find all the relevant content as you have a hierarchy. This improves user experience.

The most important benefit of the silo structure is SEO. A structured website gives search engines a lot of support about the topics covered by the site.

...And WordPress silo plugins will help you get all of this in a much easier, streamlined way.

In other words, Google can get a clear idea about what niche the website is about. Search engines like websites with a tightly focused subject matter.

Silo structure can pass the link juice exactly where needed to be able to rank your main keywords. A silo structure helps you build up to 80 percent of links to important pages.

Such a WordPress silo structure can streamline the backlink building process. A silo structure also addresses the issue of left-out pages by interlinking the relevant posts, ensuring that the pages are indexed in Google’s SERP.

Best WP Silo Plugins

Website Silo Architecture – How it Works?

WordPress does not have native support for silo structure and that is why implementing it is not easy either. One should manually create some hierarchies of inter-related content to be able to create a siloed architecture. The process includes some steps as explained below:

1. High-Traffic Keyword Ideas

A website is organized by keywords and it is important that you identify high traffic keywords targeted by the site. You should determine the primary and secondary keywords. Implement a depth of 2-3 levels for the structure to give enough links to the child pages.

2. Silo Content

The most important part of a silo structure implementation, the silo content can be created using primary keywords and images. It is beneficial to include comparison tables and a table of content. It is also possible to use the silo page URL as the category. Category pages can be redirected to their respective silo pages.

3. Supportive Blog Posts

Next is the turn for creating WordPress posts that support the silo. It is important to create content relevant to the silo content that you use. It is a good idea to create at least three blog posts relevant to the main silo keyword.

This way, you create supporting articles for each of the silo pages you create. All blog posts should be linked from their respective silo pages.

4. Interlinking

An effective interlinking strategy is really essential to make the silo structure work. All the blog posts should link back to their parent silo page and the posts should interlink with each other. A silo page should link to the supporting posts. A home page should link to all the silo pages.

Such an interlinking makes sure optimum link juice passes to the silo page and helps Google rank them higher.

The 8 Best WordPress Silo Plugins

Some of the most powerful WordPress plugins which help implement a website silo structure are:

  • WPCashLinks Lite – This plugin lets you convert keywords into cash links with easy linking with affiliate links. It allows creating a silo architecture by interlinking the inner pages quickly.
silo type link structure
  • Related Posts for WordPress – It is a WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to link interrelated posts with just one click. You just have to activate the plugin and provide the number of posts you want to relate. The plugin does it for you automatically.
  • Breadcrumb NavXT – It creates locational breadcrumb trails for a WordPress-based website. These trails are fully customizable and suitable for any silo structure.
WordPress plugin Breadcrumb Navigation XT
  • SEO Ultimate – A highly powerful, fully-featured plugin, SEO Ultimate offers useful tools for siloed architecture on a website. It also allows activating the ‘Silo Linking’ mode to give effective interlinking.
  • Yoast SEO Another useful WordPress plugin for SEO, Yoast gives users a toolkit to help create a silo structure for a site. The plugin provides great control over breadcrumbs and interlinking suggestions. A component called Redirection Manager handles redirecting on the website and keeps it healthy and SEO-friendly.
Silo SEO
  • Custom Sidebars – It is a WordPress plugin for showing custom widget configuration on any post, page or category for successful interlinking of posts in the silo page.
WordPress Silo Builder
  • No Sweat WP Internal Links Lite – It is a plugin designed to make your siloing task easier by generating internal links among posts and pages. With this WordPress plugin, you can easily create silo structures and exercise complete control over them.
WP Internal Links Lite
  • Redirection – This plugin helps manage redirections for reduced errors and improved rankings. It allows easy redirecting of pages to their silo pages during the silo structure creation.
Website Silo Architecture

WordPress Silo Builder Plugin (Bonus)

Attention: As of today "WP Silo Builder" is not available anymore. But I personally recommend the Rank Math WP plugin. It is completely free to download and has an exclusive silo feature just like Yoast SEO (but much more functionality for no money at all...).

Silo Builder for WordPress is a powerful SEO tool designed to help users create an ideal website silo architecture easily. It is a simple-to-use, comprehensive platform which takes care of dynamic linking to result in a smooth structure for your website.

All you need to do is add the keywords to the main silo and add the categories and associated posts.

Content in a silo links to itself and creates a powerful inter-linking resulting in a silo architecture. Silo Builder intends to make this painful process easy and quick for you.

It not only saves you time but benefits your website by increasing indexation, enhancing usability and getting it ranked higher for structured architecture.

WordPress Silo Structure

WordPress Silo Builder is a drag-and-drop framework that helps users create a website structure effortlessly. It creates a hierarchy of content by interlinking structures. The Silo Builder interface is user-friendly and allows adding silo keywords, categories, and supporting posts.

The platform handles all the navigation and inter-linking to give you a perfectly organized website.

Silo Builder also makes it easy to add navigation to website pages with the help of a widget. You can even embed it into any custom widget to use the drag and drop facility to insert navigation anywhere in the design.

On adding the widget to the builder, an automatic menu appears on the pages and posts. This feature has replaced the WordPress URL structure for creating a silo landing page, category pages and supporting articles.

It offers an easy way to link up to categories and landing page and interlink within the articles.

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