Best SEO In Dubai - 9 Simple Steps To KICKSTART Your Website Ranking 2020

article by Felix Hesse

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SEO in Dubai - What is possible? How is it done? And what are your key opportunities in this market? Answers by an SEO specialist company.

SEO Dubai - An Amazing Opportunity?

As you may already know, the Dubai market is still relatively new and growing rapidly. This provides great opportunities in the field of SEO because most business websites are quite fresh and poorly search engine optimized.

So, there is a huge demand for everything but only a few authority websites that you will have to overcome to reach the top of Google. Which means you are in most cases only ~3 months away from your page 1 ranking.

Your "free" targeted website visitors, your leads, your sales, your business growth... SEO in Dubai provides all of this to an extent that is unseen in other markets.

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9 SIMPLE Steps To Rank With Dubai SEO

Since SEO is a complex process, it's not possible to show to you every little detail here. But I still want to give an actual step-by-step action plan to get you moving in the right direction. Cheers to our SEO company Dubai!

1. Preparation Is Key - Before you start shooting around blindly, make a plan. What is the goal of your project? What service or product do you want to sell more often? How much money or time do you want to invest in? What resources do you already have?

Maybe you own a website, multiple social media channels. Maybe there are articles or business directories around the web that write about your business. List them!

Every little piece of property you own online gives you an advantage when it comes to SEO. So answer the questions above, make a plan, list your resources and let's get started! 🙂

Hint: Interlink Your Online Properties Like We Did Below This Video On YouTube To Boost Your Search Engine Optimization.

2. Site Audit - To complete your preparation phase it's always quite helpful to do a website audit.

There are tons of "free" audits available around the internet and yes they can be helpful to show you what's wrong with your site and why it's not ranking but mostly they are just confusing as hell when you are just starting out. 

So we skip that for now and do it the old way - by installing Google Analytics & Google Search Console and a pretty handy tool named Rank Math (only for WordPress users).

The Google tools will show you your website traffic, where it's coming from and what keywords you rank for.

The Rank Math WP plugin will additionally give you an insight on what to improve on your website (on-site) which can be handy later-on.

DUBAI SEO Google Site Kit WP Plugin
Google Analytics & Search Console Plugin For WordPress
Dubai SEO Rank Math WP Silo Plugin
Rank Math SEO Plugin For WordPress

3. SSL And Page Speed Optimization - Before we start any content creation or keyword research I always prefer optimizing your website by setting up an SSL certificate and reducing your page loading time to an absolute minimum.

Especially the better page speed will massively increase your conversion rate and SEO values. Google loves this! And your clients will too.

SEO Dubai Page Speed Test
Google PageSpeed Test Of

4. SEO Dubai Keyword Research - Now, since we have a clear plan of what we want and we are working on a conversion-optimized website, it's time to do keyword research.

Why? We need to find out what our customers are actually looking for and if we can even rank for these terms so easily. This is essential. If you do not use the keywords your customers are searching for in your website's content, how shall they ever find it?

And additionally, even if you have keywords on your site that get searched for but there is a massive competition for them, how much money or work do you want to invest before you get visible page-one rankings?

That's why we are always looking for the low hanging fruit first. Search for long-tail keywords with low competition and mix them in with your main keywords.

You will need them to get traffic to your site and rank it for more competitive terms. My favorite tool to do this is LongTail Pro, but there are a lot of free tools out there too.

Best SEO Company In Dubai
Research Table For The Keyword "best seo company" In Dubai (UAE), Using The "LongTail Pro" Software

5. On-Page Optimization - Perfect, we have come a long way so far and finally, it's time to do the real work - CONTENT CREATION and with it all the technical SEO to get your pages the map.

What does this mean in detail? You need relevant text, images, and videos that contain the keywords from step 4 on your website.

These keywords should appear in the pages URL, H1-H3 headings, bold, italic, in the first paragraph of your content, as alt-tag for your images, in the video's title & description… basically everywhere where it makes sense.

Do not overuse them as this will scare off your customers and reduce the quality of your page. A good rule of thumb is: 1% of the words on your page should be your main keyword.

But in all honesty, I usually use even less. The total length of the content should usually be at least at 500-1500 words. Less makes it harder for Google to analyze what your site is about. But again, quality over quantity.

Rank Math Basic Check SEO In Dubai... Article
Basic On-Page SEO Check For Our "SEO In Dubai..." Article By The Rank Math WP Plugin

6. Meta & Schema Markup - Meta title and description (the little text snippets you see, when you search something on Google) are important ranking factors and also directly impact your click-through rate of impressions. And schema markups are basically an addition to that.

Remember these little stars when you searched for a product on Google? Just an example... You can add these to your pages too and sometimes search engines pick them up and show them too. 

The most convenient way to edit them is to use WordPress plugins like Yoast or Rank Math which I mentioned earlier.

SEO Dubai - Editing The Meta Data
Editing The Meta Data With Rank Math To Focus On "SEO Dubai" Keywords

7. Off-Page Optimization - Ahh, off-page SEO, backlink building, the final step, the master discipline of search engine optimization. Why? Because everyone would love to cheat here. It's either expensive or extremely time-consuming work to do and the main reason for outsourcing.

But attention! If you follow what Google is recommending you will notice that high quality, long-lasting backlink building is never a cheap thing.

You need an author to sit down and write a nice article and you need to pay for the placement quite often as well. So there is nothing good to expect from a $20 gig promising you to change the world.

What you really want is to search for relevant blogs, websites, and directories in your niche where it would actually make sense to write a guest post. Make a list of them. Collect as many as possible and contact them.

Offer them something in return and write an article following the rules of on-page optimization from step 5. You need these relevant keywords in there. If possible, even your anchor text (link text) should be a relevant keyword.

Use images and video embeds. Put some links to authority pages in your niche into the text and voilá you are ready to go.

Build as many of these links as you need to get to where you want your site to be. I would honestly love to go much more into detail here but that would be enough content for a whole series of blog posts…

SEO Specialist In Dubai GroupHigh Outreach Software
Researching Bloggers Using The GroupHigh Outreach Software

8. Rinse And Repeat - Repeat the steps 3-7 as often as you need and always try to improve your visitors' experience in every way.

SEO is always work in progress and there is never an end in sight. Once one of your pages reaches the top results, you move on to the next one. Building your castle and claiming as much land as possible.

9. Our Secret Sauce (Teaser) - If Dubai SEO is so easy and basically everyone with a good solid plan can do it on their own, why so few agencies stand out?

Because they stay ahead of the competition and find new tweaks. At the moment I am writing this article, the secret to wild success with SEO is going viral on social media (besides doing every other step above). How to do this? Well, that's another topic for the future...

3 Key Opportunities Of Dubai

As I already pointed out earlier Dubai is not like any other location when it comes to SEO. Here are the most important differences an SEO specialist in Dubai should consider:

1 Rapidly Growing Market & Demand - Dubai's market is still fresh and always on the move. Thanks to its tax policies there is a flood of successful entrepreneurs moving in every year and with, new workers too... This leads to rising demand in every possible service and product imaginable.

SEO Experts In Dubai
The Rise Of Dubai City

2 Moderate Competition For SEO - While the demand is constantly rising, the competition is still trying to figure out how to position themselves in the marketplace. Only a few companies had the time to build a solid online presence. Which makes it easier for you to take over.

3 Great Wealth & Tourism - You probably know it already but Dubai is one of the wealthiest places on earth and the government is doing everything to keep it that way. So, you can not only expect luxury products/services to sell much better but also everything business-related. The tax game is on your side.

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Burj Al Arab In Dubai, UAE - World's Only 8-Star Hotel

A message from the author: Hey, it's Felix. Thank you for reading my article. It will be updated every now and then. I also always try to improve my skills and the content we put out. So, please feel free to leave a comment below. I appreciate every opinion.

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