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Increase leads, explode your revenue & finally enjoy your life again by outranking your competitors on Google. 

Join our family and benefit from our agency's unique & proven approach to social media marketing and search engine optimization for the UAE.

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Felix Hesse


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Why Choose Our Dubai SEO Agency?

Are We The Best SEO Agency In Dubai? See Your Benefits Of Choosing Us.  


Our proven SEO methodology makes sure you see a continuous increase in website traffic with time. More and more users coming to your website means more eyeballs on your service.


Online users have started trusting Google. When your business site ranks higher on search results, users automatically trust your brand to some extent.


The conversion rates delivered by SEO are unmatched. No other form of online marketing can deliver lead conversion as coming from organic SEO. These leads have actually searched for your service before landing on your page.

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With organic SEO getting increasingly popular, more and more businesses are realizing the benefits. This means your competitors have already started investing in organic SEO and if they haven’t, they would surely do in the near future.


Though the results of SEO are not instantaneous, they have longevity. Once established, your site rankings will remain in place for a long time if regularly worked on. SEO is a far more long-term strategy when compared to ads.


Using our advanced and industry-leading dashboard, you'll be able to always keep a look at the progress of all your SEO & digital marketing campaigns.

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Reviews About The #1 Dubai SEO Expert

The Best SEO Company In Dubai? - What Customers Say.

  • Competition is steep in the real estate world and we all know how much an online presence can make difference in getting customers. Previously, we worked with a digital marketing agency but they were not successful at delivering the results we needed. 

    Switching to the new SEO agency in Dubai was one of the best decisions we ever made. They provided us a new website design and an effective SEO strategy which helped us generated more leads. Our bottom line has gone up by 70 percent and our business is growing more and more.

    best seo company dubai

    James T. Torres

    Next Estate - Real Estate Company

  • For those who run a restaurant, things get really engaged – particularly on weekends. We could hardly focus on checking whether our customers could easily find us on the internet. 

    When we worked with our SEO expert in Dubai, we got some help optimizing our business website and our phone started ringing with reservation calls. Felix Hesse Media have definitely helped us increase our restaurant business.

    seo marketing dubai

    Collin Defilippo

    Osteria Defilippo - Exclusive Restaurant

  • We had restricted knowledge about digital marketing. We own a website but it was not showing on search results until we took help from our best Dubai SEO company (Felix Hesse Media) to refine certain aspects. 

    They send us reports on a regular basis and it is a great plus as they keep us updated about our progress. They also provided some useful tips and advice and our site jumped from page 12 to page 1. Presently, we get 10 times more traffic than before.

    seo in dubai

    Monica Jones

    ERGO Pro - Financial Sales Company

  • WOW! Felix... how have you done this? That's unbelievable. We worked with another SEO consultant in Dubai and it took them weeks if not months to produce any visible rankings. You ranked our video page one of Google within one day. I have not seen this anywhere else yet.

    - About ranking a video of Dinarys on the first page of Google in less than 1 day.

    seo company dubai

    Kataryna K.

    Dinarys - UX Design Agency

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SEO Services For Dubai - The Expert's Approach

The Methodology Of Our SEO Dubai Agency

You searched for something like "SEO agency Dubai", "SEO specialist in Dubai" or "SEO consultant Dubai", right?

And you landed on this page. You found Felix Hesse Media because we practice what we preach!

Through our approach of SEO we ranked first and that's the same thing we can do for you and your business.

Client Dashboard – that helps you track your campaign success. View rankings for keywords, monitor website traffic, get reports on SERPs, and more information.

Fully-Featured Site Audit - before an SEO campaign, keyword research, mapping, and grouping

On-page Optimization - including head optimization, meta data optimization, URL rewrites and more

Content Creation - and posting on blogs

Recommendations – use of breadcrumbs & recommendations for snippets

Monthly Rank Building – rank building with magazine news, blog outreach, press releases, video creation and more

Extensive Reporting – content optimization, on-page structure, meta data, and monthly summary.

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Support A Good Cause
With The Best SEO In Dubai

Every dollar you spent with us on Dubai SEO supports a good cause from helping children around the world learning how to read and write to protecting our environment from waste & global warming.

Your Top SEO Company In Dubai

Words From Our Owner About The Best SEO Company In Dubai

certified seo expert in dubai

Felix Hesse


“Our Organic & Local SEO services help potential customers find your business online by boosting your visibility on search results.

With our proven SEO methodology, our services boost search rankings, drive traffic to your website, and generate more leads for your business which permanently increases your sales and revenue.

...And all of this good stuff basically without you even lifting a finger for it. It won't get any better than this, right?

So what you are waiting for?

Let's start your journey today. I bet we will be partners for life!

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F.A.Q. Answered By Your SEO Experts Dubai

The Best SEO Services In Dubai? - Get Your Questions Answered

What does your SEO cost?

The value of SEO lies in its quality. We only do high-quality work and that's why our minimum level of investment is at $999. This will secure our standards and will yield you returns longterm

How fast can I expect to see results?

SEO is quite a complex process. It takes some time to get ranked although if there was good work done before top results can come in 1-3 months. But even if this isn't the case, be assured your rankings will be long-lasting.

How can I be sure your methodology works?

Take a look at some of our testimonials. Our track record is proven. We also have clients you can reach out to. (Please request contact first through our contact form to stay in line with our privacy policy.)

We are doing well with word of mouth. Do I actually need this?

The number of people making there purchasing decisions online just surpassed offline in 2019 (in the USA). This trend is unstoppable. Especially with the corona pandemic happening many businesses that not went online already, went out of biz.

SEO companies burned me before. How to be sure you won't?

We are sorry you had to do with this kind of SEO company before. Take a look at our testimonials, at our portfolio of happy clients and contact them if you want to.

Won't ads be better than search engine optimization?

PPC is a very short term strategy. If you run out of budget it's over because you pay for every click to your website. SEO results, in comparison, are more scalable & provide long-lasting effects. They're not instant but much more cost-efficient.

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