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Our Mission

Felix Hesse Media focuses on the most competitive niche markets, creating digital products engineered to resonate with consumers. Our strategy of reverse engineering markets allows us to create products that stand out among our competitors and quickly establish authority.

We use advanced search engine optimization to stay ahead of changes in search algorithms that leave others bankrupt. Our sales funnels include affiliate products from top networks, as well as co-registration and CPA leads. These funnels allow us to dominate our competition in SEM, display and social advertising.

Our private consulting business takes the strategies we use to dominate niche marketing into main stream offline marketing. Our clients are able to stand out in their local markets through superior SEO, advertising, and social network marketing. We also specialize in software/web design and development that uses the latest technologies.

Felix Hesse

If you understand a little bit of Latin you might know that Felix means as much as luck or happiness. So I declared it as my goal to bring a little happiness into other peoples life. And I'm trying to accomplish this by running my digital agency in a very customer focused way.

Our 10 Principles: 1. Progress over perfection, 2. Solutions as easy & fast as possible, 3. Let the customer focus on HIS business., 4. Long-term thinking,  5. Our client's success is our success,  6. Question everything and hold nothing sacred in pursuit of truth, 7. Professionalism (fix broken things),  8. Result oriented,  9. Vocally self-critical,  10. Be ALL IN or go home.

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